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I seek nothing more than to battle the most powerful beings alive, which excludes the lowly likes of you.







Name meaning

Destruction of life

Biographical information


200+ (chronologically)
19 (appears physically)[1]


Traveling with Jaken and A-Un

Physical information


Inu Daiyōkai




178 cm (5'10")


76 kg (167.6 lbs)

Eye color


Hair color


Skin color



Skills information


Flight, Superhuman olfactory senses, acid claws, acid whip[3]


Tenseiga, Bakusaiga, Tōkijin, Poison, Claws



A-Un, Jaken, Rin, Kohaku (temporarily)


Inu yōkai


Manga Debut

Chapter 12

InuYasha Anime

Episode 5

Movie Debut

Affections Touching Across Time

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Ken Narita

English VA

David Kaye, Michael Daingerfield (Final Act)

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Sesshōmaru (殺生丸, "Destruction of life") is a powerful dog daiyōkai and feared throughout the feudal world. He is the half-brother of the hanyō Inuyasha and the first son to the Inu no Taishō, their father. Unlike many other yōkai, he has no interest in possessing even one shard of the Shikon no Tama to enhance his powers. On his journey, he is accompanied by a two-headed dragon named A–Un, a demon imp named Jaken, and an orphaned human girl named Rin.


His fatherEdit

Sesshomaru & Inu No Taisho

The Inu no Taishō asking Sesshōmaru if he has something to protect

He is the son of the Inu no Taishō and another dog daiyōkai. He saw his father as the ultimate opponent, wishing to defeat him in combat and take his two legendary swords, Tessaiga and Sō'unga. He talked with his father following the battle with Ryūkotsusei, demanding the two swords be handed over to him. However, when questioned if he had anyone to protect, Sesshōmaru told his father that he did not. After his father died to protect his new hanyō half-brother, Inuyasha, and his human mother, Sesshōmaru began hating them. He was given the Tenseiga instead of the other two swords to eventually teach him compassion.

Search for TessaigaEdit

Sesshomaru Meets Inuyasha

Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi meet Sesshōmaru

Sesshōmaru began his quest for the Tessaiga by searching for the place that a short poem indicated it would be. "Seen yet never seen, protected, but never known to its protector." This was the only known clue as to Tessaiga's location. His kappa servant, Jaken, suggested they go to his younger brother, Inuyasha, to ask where his father's grave located. Sesshōmaru and Jaken are then next seen riding on a huge ogre looking demon and attacks a woman in a flying carriage. Inuyasha tries to save the woman but Jaken tries to fry Inuyasha, gaining Inuyasha's attention. Sesshōmaru praised Inuyasha for him and taunts him for being a half demon. He then asked him where their father grave was, but Inuyasha told him that he doesn't know. Sesshōmaru proceeds to tell Inuyasha that if he doesn't answer, he will kill the woman in the carriage, Inuyasha's mother. Inuyasha at first doesn't believe that the woman is his mother. However, Sesshōmaru tells him that he resurrected her and gave her a new body, which later, we learn is actually quite possible due to Sesshōmaru's Tenseiga. After hearing from the woman that she is truly his mother brought back from the dead, Inuyasha attempts to attack the demon and save her. Sesshōmaru ordered the demon to attack them, but before they could get hurt, Inuyasha's Mother transported them to a different place. Sesshōmaru was annoyed by Jaken's bothersome plan and tells him that if it should fail, he would kill him.

Jaken goes to where Inuyasha was located and it's revealed that the woman was not Inuyasha's mother, but a demon called the 'un-mother'. The un-mother was a spirit of a woman who had her children killed by war, to lure Inuyasha into revealing the secret to the whereabouts of the Tessaiga. Sesshōmaru then appeared and gloated that he knew where their father's tomb was. He grabs Inuyasha and pulls a black pearl from Inuyasha's eye. He then uses the staff Jaken carries to open a portal from the black pearl. He and others jump in, apparently traveling to the world between the living and the netherworld.


Sesshōmaru is thwarted by a barrier around the Tessaiga.

Sesshōmaru enters the skeleton of his late father and attempts to pull out the Tessaiga but, he is unable to pull out the sword due to a spell on the sword which prevents full demons from touching it. Inuyasha arrives and tries but fails to pull it out. Sesshōmaru then attacks Inuyasha. Kagome, who was knocked back by Jaken, with the sword in her hand pulls it out by accident. Sesshōmaru, enraged by the fact that a lowly human could pull out the Tessaiga, demanded Kagome that she must submit the sword to him. However, Kagome refused, and threatened that she'd cut him with the sword. Inuyasha warned Sesshōmaru to stay away from Kagome for good. Sesshōmaru, who hated humans and half-demons alike, then sprayed toxic sludge upon Kagome, covering her alive. He also remarked to Inuyasha that Inuyasha's love for human was what made him weak, just like his mother. Inuyasha is furious and attacks him not only because of what he did to Kagome but also because Sesshōmaru insulted the memory of Inuyasha's human mother saying that she has dirty blood. Kagome pops out of the goo and is unharmed because the Tessaiga protected her. She gives it to Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru tests him and the sword by transforming into his demon form which is and giant white dog with all his distinguished markings.

Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha start to battle. Inuyasha uses the Tessaiga, which looks like a useless scrap of metal, and it doesn't work. Sesshōmaru begins to poison up the inside of his father, forcing Inuyasha and Kagome to escape outside. Inuyasha tells Kagome that she's crazy to think that he needs to believe in the sword to make it work. Kagome starts crying asking if she should give up hope and Inuyasha tells her to shut up so he can protect her. As Inuyasha approaches Sesshōmaru to get the fight over with, the sword starts pulsing and suddenly transforms into a huge fang-like sword. Inuyasha then slices off one of Sesshōmaru's arms, so he is forced to flee.

Naraku's assistanceEdit

A band of outlaws, who had just raided a poor village, are riding through a land where demons supposedly come out at night. They see someone ahead and assume that it is merely a human and they start to attack. The man kills them all with one stroke of his arm. The man is Sesshōmaru. Jaken walks up to him through the grass and congratulates his master on destroying the men so quickly. Sesshōmaru throws his arm, that he used to defeat the men, on the ground. He had defeated a demon and had stolen it from him. Sesshōmaru cannot find a permanent arm to use after Inuyasha had cut off his arm. A man appears behind Sesshōmaru and offers him a human arm. It is Naraku. He says that Sesshōmaru could not touch the Tessaiga because he's a demon, but if he used a human arm he could. He also gives him a hive that would be used to block the hole in Miroku's hand. Naraku asks Sesshōmaru to use his gifts to defeat Inuyasha for him. Sesshōmaru agrees.


Sesshōmaru wields the Tessaiga after receiving the human arm from Naraku.

A huge shadowy claw then zooms across the sky and starts wreaking havoc on a town. It turns out to be another of Sesshōmaru's shadow beasts, and the villagers fled in fear. Sesshōmaru is releasing poison from his hand and Inuyasha covers his nose with his sleeve and coughs while Kagome, Miroku, and Shippō back away. Sesshōmaru says that he came to claim the Tessaiga. They go outside to find Sesshōmaru, Jaken, and their big ogre demon. Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru fight for a while and Sesshōmaru uses his human arm to take the Tessaiga. He shows Inuyasha how to slay a hundred demons with one stroke of the blade. They fight for a while before Miroku steps in and uses his wind tunnel. Sesshōmaru releases the hive and the insects from hell fly into Miroku's hand. Miroku is poisoned and he cannot fight. Kagome runs to get him an antidote. Inuyasha continues to fight with Sesshōmaru while Miroku and Shippō fight Jaken, who uses his Nintōjō, tossing fire at them.

Sesshōmaru is about to kill Inuyasha with the Tessaiga when an arrow comes flying at it and reverts its transformation. Kagome is seen standing on a hill with her bow and arrow out. She says the next one will go in his heart and warns Inuyasha to move away. Sesshōmaru charges at Kagome but Inuyasha jumps in front of him and takes the blow for her. Later on in the battle, Inuyasha manages to tear off Sesshōmaru's arm, but gets stabbed by Sesshōmaru's poison claws in the process. Sesshōmaru and Jaken leave, and the insects retrieve the jewel shard in Sesshōmaru's arm.

Tessaiga and TenseigaEdit

Rin Helping Sesshomaru

Rin trying to help a wounded Sesshōmaru.

Sesshōmaru, dissatisfied with his sword, Tenseiga, wishes to have the old, absent-minded sword smith Tōtōsai make him a new one. The unwilling Tōtōsai has Inuyasha defend him, causing the brothers to fight. Tōtōsai reveals the heritage of Sesshōmaru's sword before creating a diversion to allow Inuyasha and the rest of his companions to escape. Soon after leaving Inuyasha and his companions, Tōtōsai is attacked by Sesshōmaru. Once again, Inuyasha battles his brother as Tōtōsai's protector, but must now face Sesshōmaru's newest defense: a dragon's arm. As Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru continue to duel for possession of Tessaiga, both brothers discover the unexpected power of their respective inheritances, as Inuyasha discovers the true power of his sword, and Sesshōmaru, who called his sword useless, is saved by his father's heirloom. After the fight, an orphaned human child, Rin, attempts to nurse the injured Sesshōmaru back to health. Though he initially tries to scare her off, she returns to him, heartened at the smallest show of interest. She's mauled to death by some of Kōga's wolves, while trying to return to him and Sesshōmaru was initially going to ignore her, but moved by curiosity and prompted by Tenseiga's pulsing, tests the blade on her - cutting down the minions of hell that have come to collect her soul and restoring her to life. He walks off and Rin follows him, becoming his traveling companion for the duration of the series.

Kaijinbō's evil swordEdit

Finding the corpse of the fallen Goshinki and detecting Inuyasha's scent on it, Sesshōmaru takes the demon's head to Kaijinbō, the rogue swordsmith and former disciple of Tōtōsai, in order to commission a sword made from Goshinki's head. On the same day Kaijinbō arrives, possessed and wielding his newest creation Tōkijin, Inuyasha has transformed into his human form being defenseless. Then luckily Tōtōsai appears and gives Inuyasha his sword which is too heavy for him to lift. Kaijinbō is destroyed by his own creation, the sword Tōkijin, because it is too evil for its maker to wield. Kagura directs Sesshōmaru to Tōkijin and watches as the demon claims his sword and wields it against his brother. While Inuyasha and his friends escape before they feel the full brunt of Sesshōmaru's new weapon, Kagura decides that Sesshōmaru may be strong enough to destroy Naraku.

The Demon's True Nature Edit

Inuyasha's demonic transformation gives him great power, but no sense of control over himself as he kills indiscriminately, which Sesshōmaru discovers when he arrives to gauge his younger brother's power after listening to the wisdom of Bokusenō, a demon-tree and friend of the Inu no Taishō.

The Panther DemonsEdit

A group of panther demons come after Kagome for her Shikon Jewel shards, but seem more interested in attacking Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru. Seeking revenge for the defeat of their master at the hands of Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru's father, they kidnap Kagome.

Inuyasha breaks into the Panther demon's barrier using Tessaiga's new ability. After Myōga reveals why the demons are seeking revenge, everyone splits up to confront the panthers separately.

To resurrect their master, the Panther demons have captured entire villages to sacrifice. However, when the master is revived, he unexpectedly kills three of them to return to life and Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru end up cooperating to defeat the Panther demon leader.

To defeat the panther demon's master, Sesshōmaru uses the Tenseiga to bring the rest of the panther demons back to life. Sesshōmaru understood that the other three panther demons lives were taken by the master in order for the master to heal, and thus the master died when they were resurrected.

Naraku's planEdit

Kagura kidnaps Rin, and threatens Lord Sesshōmaru with her life unless he kills Inuyasha, an ultimatum Sesshōmaru ignores. Inuyasha breaks through Naraku's Barrier with his newly gained power, the red Tessaiga. Meanwhile, Kagome and the others pursue the lone Shikon shard Kagome senses, which is Kohaku, who has been charged with guarding Rin.

Naraku is forced to fight both Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha, who work together to seriously wound Naraku until their sibling rivalry gets the better of them. The fight is halted when Naraku remotely orders Kohaku to kill Rin before vanishing, which forces Sesshōmaru to leave and save the girl's life.

Kōga and Sesshōmaru: a dangerous encounterEdit

Sesshomaru Meets Koga

Sesshōmaru meets Kōga

Sesshōmaru and Kōga are both still looking for Naraku. Ginta & Hakkaku are fishing on a stream when Rin and Jaken run across them. Rin is scared because she was attacked by Kōga's wolf clan. They are scared off by Sesshōmaru and they flee to find Kōga. They come upon Kōga and Inuyasha fighting. After finding out about Sesshōmaru from Kagome, Ginta and Hakkaku decided to keep Kōga away from Sesshōmaru (they think Kōga will want to defeat Inuyasha's brother). Of course this does not work out and Sesshōmaru and Kōga meet but don't fight each other. Instead, they each help each other out by saving the others respective parties and go their separate ways. These events only occur in the Anime.

Mount HakureiEdit

When Sesshōmaru arrives on Mt Hakurei, he saves Kagome Higurashi, Miroku and Sango from the poison user Mukotsu, one of the Shichinintai, however when confronted with the fact that he saved Kagome and the others, he merely says, "I only killed him because he wouldn't answer my questions."

Later on, Shippō tells Inuyasha that Kagome, Miroku and Sango stopped breathing due to the poison. Inuyasha is shocked and starts to cry, for he was unable to protect them. Inuyasha goes off to be alone, and starts cutting down trees and yelling in frustration, seeking vengeance on the Band-of-Seven and on Naraku. In his daze of anger, Sesshōmaru appears and asks him why he's so inconsolable. Inuyasha explains, and Sesshōmaru tells him that a half demon can barely protect themselves, let alone others. Inuyasha, tired of being mocked, says that if he kills Sesshōmaru, he would have the Tenseiga and could revive his friends, to which his brother says a half demon could never master the sword. Inuyasha starts to strike Sesshōmaru but the illusion disappears, suggesting it was all in Inuyasha's head to begin with.

After Mukotsu's death, Naraku orders the five remaining Shichinintai to kill Sesshōmaru as well. So, Jakotsu and Suikotsu go after him, former noting that protecting Rin is Sesshōmaru's weakness. Later on in the same arc, Suikotsu and Jakotsu had Sesshōmaru cornered and they threatened to kill Rin if Sesshōmaru made a move. Sesshōmaru pulls an impressive maneuver, tossing away his sword behind him and impaling Suikotsu with it, then dashing ahead into the path of Jakotsu's snake-sword and plunging his claws into Jakotsu's heart. However, Sesshōmaru, thinking that was enough to kill them, lets his guard down, and as Rin runs away from her captors, Suikotsu grabs her and gets ready to kill her. Jakotsu tells Sesshōmaru he'll be too late to save her, but suddenly Kikyō arrives manages to stop Suikotsu with her sacred arrow.

He later watched as Naraku's miasma destroyed the vegetation on Mount Hakurei and several demons escaped from the destroyed barrier. Possibly watching Naraku's attempt to kill Kikyō, Sesshōmaru appeared before him; he believed that since he's emerged from hiding, he has grown stronger. Testing his theory, Sesshōmaru destroyed Naraku's body, but the force of Tōkijin was sent back by Naraku's barrier. He made one final slash that ripped Naraku's head in half. However, he had no success in destroying him for good, watching as he fled once more. When Inuyasha arrived to see Kikyō's broken bow, Sesshōmaru berated his brother for not being able to save her, telling him to chase Naraku instead of yelling at him.

The woman who loved SesshōmaruEdit

Sesshōmaru came across Sara Asano, a woman who had been watching him recover following his first attempt to take Tessaiga. She offered to grant his wish (to possess Tessaiga), not knowing that his main desire now was to find and slay Naraku for using him. Sesshōmaru told her to do as she wished, believing she may be useful. When Jaken questioned him as to who she was, Sesshōmaru told him that Sara was human once, but never fully became a demon. He later appears when Sara successfully stole Tessaiga, destroying the crow demon she used for transport. Sesshōmaru refused to accept Tessaiga from Sara as he does not need help in defeating Inuyasha especially from her and fled into the forest. Sara followed him and found him at the same tree where he laid injured from his first battle from Inuyasha and where Sara came upon him. Listening to her tale of how she came to know him, Sesshōmaru noticed the demonic side of her had emerged. Inuyasha arrives to reclaim the Tessaiga. Sara attempted to restrain and kill him, but Sesshōmaru steps in the way and strikes her and revealed that the demons she made a pact with were using her spiritual powers as a bridge so they can absorb him. Learning Tōkijin's hatred feeds the demons, he temporarily managed to wield Tessaiga and destroy her. As Sara faded into golden dust, he listened to her declare love for him. Once she passed, Sesshōmaru placed Sara's flute in her remains, saying "Go play your flute in the netherworld."

Battle in the BorderlandEdit

Sesshōmaru followed the scent of a flood of blood to the decapitated Tekkei and wondered what had happened. Kagura appeared and informed him Naraku had gone to the Border Between the Living and the Dead to retrieve the final jewel shard. She leads him to the Gate in the Land of Fire; there, he drew Tenseiga, pacifying Gozu and Mezu, and allowing him to enter the gate without being turned to stone. He flew to his father's grave once more and tried repeatedly to break Naraku's barrier; Naraku taunted him by allowing superfluous limbs to be destroyed. However, once Inuyasha gained and used the Diamond Spears that broke Naraku's barrier, Sesshōmaru's attack tore him to pieces. Seeing Naraku had fled back to the World of the Living, Sesshōmaru headed back to the gate with Inuyasha's group.

Forever with Lord SesshōmaruEdit

While searching for Naraku, Sesshōmaru came across a village under attack by bandits, slaying them once they attack him. Monks arrived shortly after and questioned if he was responsible for attacking the village; Sesshōmaru created distraction and left. During his absence, Rin was kidnapped by Ongokuki. Sesshōmaru tracks him down, but finds the very same monks he encountered earlier have rescued her and several other children. Knowing that Rin should live with humans, Sesshōmaru was willing to allow her to leave, but intervened when the monks refused to let her decide for herself. Holding back, Sesshōmaru destroyed their charms and told Rin to follow him if she choose to do so; she did. Sesshōmaru is later taken off guard by a question from Rin: "When I die, will you always remember me?" Though masking his true feelings, Sesshōmaru says don't say such silly things.

Kagura's deathEdit

Kagura, one of Naraku's incarnations, later betrays Naraku to obtain her freedom. She believes that only Sesshōmaru can defeat him; she also was hinted to have romantic feelings for him, just like Sara. After trying to attack Goryōmaru's temple and getting injured, she fell into a river near Sesshōmaru's group. Recovering, she explains Naraku is using an orb known as the Fuyōheki to hide his heart; Sesshōmaru is given crystal shards of demonic energy to help him find Naraku's heart. Sesshōmaru entrusts Jaken to look after the crystals.

During a battle with Mōryōmaru, Sesshōmaru catches the scent of Kagura's blood and Naraku's miasma. Mōryōmaru insults her, infuriating Sesshōmaru and quickly concludes the quarrel, breaking Tōkijin in the process. He leaves the sword behind, choosing to obtain a new one instead of reforging Tōkijin.

Fa02 kagura

Sesshōmaru appears before Kagura as she dies.

t as Kagura thinks she'll die alone in the field of flowers, Sesshōmaru appears before her, much to the wind sorceress' surprise. Sesshōmaru tells Kagura that he picked up the scent of blood and miasma. Kagura replies, "I see, you thought I was Naraku. Are you disappointed that I'm not Naraku?" Sesshōmaru replies to her, "I knew it was you." He reaches for Tenseiga but then realizes at that moment that she can't be saved. Kagura is happy she got to see Sesshōmaru one last time. She looks up at him and smiles as she dies before him dissolving into the wind. When Inuyasha comes right after Kagura dies, he asks Sesshōmaru if she suffered. Sesshōmaru simply looks toward the sky and says, "She was smiling," and then walks away.

Meidō ZangetsuhaEdit

Tenseiga called out to Tōtōsai at this time and he later states that the sword told him that Sesshōmaru's heart had felt something it had not before: rage and sorrow on behalf of another and not just himself. Because a technique that sends ones foes directly to the Netherworld is so potent and dangerous in the wrong hands, Sesshōmaru's heart had to be mature enough to wield it responsibly. In this way, Kagura's death helped Sesshōmaru to mature and become a more powerful, responsible individual.

Totosai talks to Sesshomaru

Tōtōsai talks to Sesshōmaru about Meidō Zangetsuha

When Sesshōmaru learns how to perform Meidō Zangetsuha, he reflects on Kagura's death, and how Mōryōmaru told him that she had died for nothing. He then thinks to himself, "I, Sesshōmaru, will be the one to decide if she died for nothing." The wind then blows, which Rin points out, and the group of three leave Tōtōsai. The wind is meant to represent Kagura's spirit.

Rin's second deathEdit

In effort to strengthen and enhance Tenseiga's powers even further, Sesshōmaru visits his mother in search of answers to make a complete Meidō. He ventures into Hell after a demon from the underworld grabs Rin and Kohaku; the latter is sill alive - due to the jewel shard in his back - but Rin did not regain consciousness. Sesshōmaru felt regret, believing he should never have brought her along and should had left her in a human village; he felt frustration and blamed himself for her death. Sesshōmaru's mother offers him a way out of the underworld, which he declines; this offends her. Sesshōmaru finds Rin in the grasp of the master of Hell. After he slays the demon he realizes Rin isn't reviving, and states that enhancing and strengthening his sword is not worth the price of Rin's life. Dead bodies in Hell surround them, and with his grief for Rin he uses Tenseiga to purify them. When he returns to the living world with Rin's body, his mother scolds him for thinking he was a god who could control life and death, and tells him Tenseiga can only revive the same person once, and tells him that when his heart wishes to save his "loved one" (in reference to Rin), he must also at that moment feel both sadness and fear; this is what it means for him to have "a compassionate heart."


Sesshōmaru touching Rin's face after she is once again brought back to life.

Sesshōmaru could only learn to understand the worth of a life and gain a truly compassionate heart when lost the life that was worth the most to him, and "a compassionate heart" is what is necessary for the one who wields a destructive Tenseiga, which can dispatch enemies to the Meidō.

His mother tells him not to expect her to do this twice, placing the Meidō Stone around Rin's neck. Much to his relief and happiness, Rin is revived once more. His mother asks Jaken if Sesshōmaru is happy when she revives Rin, and Jaken responds that it most likely he is "extremely so".

Bakusaiga and the final battle with NarakuEdit

Sesshōmaru realizes his true potential as a greater demon after Tenseiga's fighting technique, Meidō Zangetsuha, is given to Inuyasha. Sesshōmaru lets go of his obsession with Tessaiga in a battle with Magatsuhi, and regains not only his left arm, but also his own sword, Bakusaiga.

He later uses this sword fighting Naraku along with Inuyasha's group in the final battle, aiding in the final destruction of the evil hanyō by destroying large amounts of Naraku's body.

The EpilogueEdit

Three years after the defeat of Naraku, Sesshōmaru visited Rin who is under care of Kaede with gifts and was annoyed when Kagome called him "big brother."

Physical descriptionEdit

Sesshomaru Full Body Appearance

Sesshōmaru as he appears in the anime.

Humanoid form

Sesshōmaru appears handsome and frail-looking at the same time, appearing as a tall and slender young man. He has fair skin with pointy ears, golden eyes with slit pupils, and waist-length white hair with short bangs. He has a crescent moon on his forehead that can be seen beneath his bangs, two stripes on each cheek, and a magenta stripe on each eyelid. When he uses his Dakkoso three stripes appear on his wrists.

Yōkai form

Sesshōmaru's true form is a giant white dog with markings similar to the ones he has in his human form. His eyes become red with blue irises; the yōkai marks on his body widen and become more apparent the stripes on his cheeks which are usually smooth become jagged and change into a somewhat fiercer color while his mokomoko wraps around his body and extends into his tail. He only fully transforms to his yōkai form three times: during a battle with Inuyasha, which results in the loss of his left arm,[4] again when he meets his mother,[5] and finally during the battle against Magatsuhi.[6]


Sesshomaru-concept art

Sesshōmaru as he appears in the manga.

Sesshōmaru's armor includes a spiked pauldron that covers his left shoulder attached to the upper section of his cuirass and "lotus petal" faulds. When damaged, the armor automatically regenerates itself using yōki. Both his armor and his long flowing sash have a decided Chinese influence, as opposed to the customary Japanese armor and obi. His kimono is mostly white with a red and white[7] cherry blossom flower crest at the collar and sleeves, showing that he is of royal birth. He wears sashinuki hakama which are gathered at the ankles, producing a "ballooning" effect. His footwear consists of black ankle-high boots, also reminiscent of Mainland influence. On his right shoulder is his mokomoko-sama: the fur and tail of his true form which he retains in his humanoid form.

In the 3rd movie it is seen in his younger year he worn a similar but different outfit. His kimono was cream color and had leaf patterns, and a blue sash belt.


Sesshōmaru, born of a great demon bloodline, possesses the perfect power that many demons desire. Because of this he is always composed and confident in his power.

His air of aloofness and indifference is a product of dignity that only one of such rare demonic power may possess. Sesshōmaru is more or less emotionless; only anger, annoyance, and dissatisfaction showing on his face. Because both his heart and body are so strong, he had no desire whatsoever for the Shikon Jewel. He had absolute confidence in his power, so he did not need the Shikon Jewel and doesn't have to conspire with allies. Sesshōmaru even responded sarcastically towards Naraku, who had assumed an air of impudence due to his increased demon power. In battle he judged his enemy's power level and attacked with the minimum power necessary. He dealt with his enemies after determining their power. Once he had realized their weak point, their attacks were futile.

Sesshōmaru is obsessively proud of his father the Inu no Taishō, of whom the whole demon world was in awe. Because he respects his bloodline so much, he despises Inuyasha as well as Inuyasha's human mother Izayoi. He insults Naraku, who tried to take advantage of Sesshōmaru's power. All that his father left him was a dull sword that wouldn't cut anything. Anger welled up in his heart for not being able to use Tenseiga, which was left by his father, whom he highly respects. Sesshōmaru held resentment towards his father for having left Tessaiga to Inuyasha, whose power was weaker than his own. However, over time, Sesshōmaru comes to grasp why his father gave him Tenseiga and lets go of his disgust towards his half-brother, even showing concern for him in rare moments. He was also secretly angry that Naraku, who was assembled by demons far lower in level than Sesshōmaru, used abusive language and disrespect towards him. Sesshōmaru had stated that he seeks to only fight the strongest beings alive and how he had wanted to fight his father and defeat him. Sesshōmaru's love for his father was so great that even though he inherited the at the time worthless Tenseiga, he kept it around him for sentimental value. During the brief period Tenseiga was stolen from him in the third movie, he stated Tenseiga is not a sword he would miss if he lost if not for his father.

Sesshōmaru felt nothing for others, sneering and dismissing humane feelings. Anyone in his way is an enemy whom he will exterminate without hesitation. He does not hold back his power, even against women. He rationalizes that all his prey is the same and defeats them accordingly. For one with such pride in his power, cooperation is proof of weakness and being alone is a condition for the strong. Once he judges someone as an obstacle, he is quick to kill without hesitation.

He used to feel nothing for anyone, but meeting various people, such as the ever-changing Inuyasha, Naraku with his numerous proposals, and all-alone Rin had brought change to his heart. After he saved Rin and became a true owner of Tenseiga, he started to show feelings behind his heartless and cruel words. He stopped the demonic Inuyasha's wildness by controlling his power and he looked at him like an older brother reprimanding a younger brother, though claimed he would kill Inuyasha despite his actions showing the opposite. He even refrained from killing Kohaku when he could easily do so, when he looked in his eyes and saw emptiness and that he had given up everything.

Sesshōmaru has a very inquiring mind when there is something he cares about, but at the same time, he had almost no tenacity of purpose. If he becomes interested in something else, he will arbitrarily turn his back on what he's doing, even during battle. Just like his fighting style, he is quick to make decisions and act on then immediately.

The encounter with Rin awakened him as the true user of Tenseiga. The smile and fleeting life of this young girl who tried to save him caused Sesshōmaru to change for the first time. The will of his father, who cared for humans, has finally been passed to his oldest son. Sesshōmaru used to leave anything behind that might bind him but he has slowly but surely changed. Sesshōmaru genuinely cares about Rin and Jaken and while he rarely shows it, he does appreciate their loyalty. Sesshōmaru originally held much contempt towards protecting the weak, seeing it as a waste of time and ridiculous. Unlike the Inu no Taishō and Inuyasha, Sesshōmaru has trouble admitting he had people to protect (Rin and Jaken) and out of pride, would never admit that he does, as Sword of An Honorable Ruler showed. Another trait of Sesshōmaru is one he shares with his younger brother. Both have tempers and are very easy to annoy (Inuyasha being loud in his anger, Sesshōmaru being subtle) as he has been known to hit Jaken when he says something that displeases him, similar to how Inuyasha is with Shippō.

Growing CompassionEdit

Sesshōmaru, who previously was a cold-hearted, arrogant, and extremely powerful daiyōkai was humbled by his "worthless half-breed" brother, Inuyasha, who used the sword to cut off his left arm. In another incident, Sesshōmaru had used his poison claws against Inuyasha, temporarily blinding him. Having sensed the clashing of the two yōki, Inuyasha unknowingly used the Wind Scar against Sesshōmaru. The Tenseiga prevented a possible fatality and transported the daiyōkai's battered body. Sesshōmaru quickly rested for the time-being in a forest near a village, where he first met the orphan girl, Rin.

Young Rin

The smile that change Sesshōmaru's feelings towards Humans

He was cared for by Rin during his rehabilitation from injury. He was initially hostile to the mute girl, who offered him food, by refusing to eat and telling her to "mind her own business." However, the little child continued to serve him. Once he recovered, he set off with Jaken, but he sensed Rin's blood scent when she was attacked and mauled by Kōga's wolves; he was initially going to ignore her but when Tenseiga pulsed and told him to save her he used Tenseiga to resurrect her, whereupon she began to follow him. This incident proved to be the turning point in his life as it dramatically transformed his attitude towards everyone else. This was apparent when Rin was seen wearing new and colorful kimono later. When Rin falls off to the cliff in the process of getting life-saving herbs for Jaken, Sesshōmaru comes in a bolt of light to save her after she called out his name. In Forever With Lord Sesshōmaru, after Sesshōmaru saves Rin, he asks Rin to do what she wishes. This is not at all typical of Sesshōmaru, as he was usually shown to leave Jaken at times before he met Rin. Jaken is even shown to be mumbling that "Lord Sesshōmaru will kill him if something happens to Rin," obviously showing his concern for the girl's safety. Sesshōmaru, while fighting Jakotsu, rushes off to rescue Rin, who fell when the bridge broke. Jakotsu notes that Rin is Sesshōmaru's weak point. Exploiting this fact, Suikotsu and Jakotsu threatens to kill Rin when they are cornered. Sesshōmaru even saves Kohaku, Rin's best friend and protector, who was under Naraku's control, under the behest of Inuyasha and his friends. These are some of the many traces of compassion that Sesshōmaru displays.

Sesshomaru's Grief

Sesshōmaru's grief and pain over Rin's death

Sesshōmaru's compassion for Rin is evident, but he prefers to disguise it, because it would taint his pride. However, he shows his love and concern for Rin when she appears to be dead due to her time in Hell. Sesshōmaru enters Hell for the purpose of rescuing her, but upon learning that he cannot save her life, he is crushed. When he realizes that it was his urge to strengthen Tenseiga which brought them to Hell and ultimately killed her, he casts the sword aside and says that for the sword to gain power at the expense of Rin's life means nothing. However, when Sesshōmaru's mother revives Rin, he is seems to be relieved. Finally the will of his father, who cared for humans, has been passed to his son.

When Kagura was injured, Sesshōmaru originally intended to leave her in the river she was drowning in, but when Rin falls in trying to save her and Jaken follows Rin, Sesshōmaru pulls all three from the river. He stayed there afterwards and warned her not to do anything that would get her killed. Later however, before Kagura's death, Sesshōmaru seeks her out and considers using the Tenseiga, only to conclude that Tenseiga cannot save her.

He has also been shown saving Inuyasha's friends on several occasions. On his way to Mount Hakurei, Sesshōmaru saves Kagome, Miroku, and Sango from the poison master Mukotsu, one of the Band of Seven but only claims that he killed Mukotsu because he would not answer his questions. He also revives a young otter yōkai's father, claiming that it was the will of Tenseiga.[8] Another example is when Inuyasha and his companions are involved in a fight with the "water god" Numawatari: when Sesshōmaru arrives, he insults Inuyasha's inability to kill a "low life yōkai," and then easily dispatches Numawatari using his Meidō Zangetsuha ability, leaving straight after.[9]

Also, when Byakuya, Naraku's newest incarnation, is about to take Kohaku, who had one of the last three shards of the Shikon Jewel, back to Naraku, Sesshōmaru appears and launches a ranged Meidō Zangetsuha (still in the crescent moon shape), barely missing him. Byakuya flees, claiming that he does not want to die, and comments on how it is so unlike Sesshōmaru to save someone. Thereafter, Sesshōmaru seems to have taken Kohaku under his protection, albeit in his typical grudging demon-slayer fashion. Later, when Kohaku's shard gets tainted by Magatsuhi, Sesshōmaru attempts to save Kohaku at the expense of great injury to his arm.[10]

It is his compassion that caused the Tenseiga to be reforged as a weapon. Its offensive powers were locked until Sesshōmaru was able to show true compassion. In his battle with Mōryōmaru, the villain insulted the dying Kagura, which angers Sesshōmaru and he shatters Mōryōmaru's indestructible shell (and his only weapon in the process). Acknowledging the yōkai's growth because he is defending a dead person, Tenseiga called to its creator to reforge it as a weapon. Later, to show his compassion and respect for his father, he gave the offensive powers of his sword to Inuyasha (albeit in his typical fashion) in accordance with his father's wishes and recognizing his brother's worth as the heir to the sword.

He refused to use Bakusaiga on Inuyasha when even Magatsuhi noted it was the obvious choice to make and in the third movie Swords of an Honorable Ruler it is hinted that he actually does care about Inuyasha but refuses to admit it when he is protecting him from the Sō’unga's "Dragon Twister" attack.

Despite his growing compassion, he, like his brother, uses impolite Japanese. He addresses strangers or people he does not like with "kisama," which, like "temee," is an offensive form of "you," though still more formal. He addresses himself with the polite "watashi", signifying his high rank and power. Other than "kisama," he uses "omae," either to Jaken or to Inuyasha, the latter being occasionally and not rarely. Thus, he can be insulting while retaining the dignified speech pattern of a lord, as opposed to the rougher speech used by Inuyasha.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a full blooded demon, Sesshōmaru is overwhelmingly powerful, being a match for any opponent he encounters. He has exhibited senses much more powerful than that of humans and even many demons and a plethora of powerful techniques at his disposal.

Sesshomaru Flying

Sesshōmaru in flight.

  • Flight: Sesshōmaru is capable of independent flight or can extend his mokomoko-sama and use it to carry himself through the air. The latter method of flight enables him to bring others along with him while flying by riding his mokomoko-sama with him.
  • Immunity: Sesshōmaru is immune to diseases, gases and toxins that affect humans and weaker yōkai. His greatest resistance seems to be toward holy and divine powers; he was able to enter Mt. Hakurei's purification barrier, by far the strongest of its type in the series, without being purified, and has negated Naraku's attempts to absorb him. In another instance, Sesshōmaru catches one of Kagome’s purification arrows barehanded and to no ill-effect; any other demon would have been severely injured, if not outright purified. Additionally, Sesshōmaru is said to be "unaffected by human attacks" according to Inuyasha. Because of Sesshōmaru's demonic purity, his aura emanates around his body in perfect “completion”, making it almost impossible to compromise. Thus, supporting Inuyasha's claim which states that human attacks will not harm Sesshōmaru, and true to this, none ever have; barring one incident in Mt. Hakurei, which is excusable because of the barrier. Hence, the only damage he has sustained throughout the series has been from yōkai-powered attacks. His resistance to poisons and toxins is due to his own inherent skill and power with his Dokkasō.
  • Super Speed: Sesshōmaru can move faster than the eye can see, both on land and in the air. He can decapitate an entire army of samurai before they can react. Although, Sesshōmaru's top speed is never disclosed in the anime or manga it is known that he can move incredibly fast without using much effort; appearing to be in a frictionless motion upon movement. Sesshōmaru moves fast enough that he leaves afterimages in the anime and blurs in the manga however this itself is not deemed as his top speed. He can also instantaneously close long distances without being detected by others. His speed is also so fast, Inuyasha was no match for him before mastering the Wind Scar, even when armed with Tessaiga because he couldn't even lay a scratch on Sesshomaru.
  • Super Strength: Sesshōmaru possesses physical strength far beyond that of a normal demon. His strength with only one arm is equal to Inuyasha’s full strength; Inuyasha’s strength allows him to lift a 9 to 10 ton boulder using one arm with little effort, so Sesshōmaru would naturally be capable of lifting double that or far more with the same amount of effort.
  • Senses: Due to his lineage, Sesshōmaru exhibits extremely heightened senses, particularly his sense of smell. He can discern characteristics of most objects through scent, such as the undead Band of Seven through the scent of graveyard soil and pure-demon blood from half-demon blood (such as when Inuyasha's demon blood takes over). Through smell alone, Sesshōmaru can follow events transpiring far away or which have already transpired; for example, he learned of everything that had happened during Inuyasha's confrontation with Goshinki by simply sniffing the area in which they fought at least several hours, if not days, after the battle.
  • Daiyōkai Form: As the son of a daiyōkai, Sesshōmaru has inherited similar levels of power and thus is a daiyōkai in his own right — endowed with heightened senses, intelligence, strength, and a myriad of yōkai powers. While he appears to be an elf-eared human bearing splendid clothing and armor most of the time, he can transform into his true inuyōkai form. While this form grants him incredible brute strength and the ability to fly and run through the air, his large size, possible lack of agility (though he has moved incredibly quickly in his true form), and lack of ability to use his swords renders this form of limited usefulness. With the acquisition of Bakusaiga, Tōtōsai has stated that Sesshōmaru has exceeded his father as a daiyōkai.
  • Immortality: Being a daiyōkai Sesshōmaru has a longer lifespan, possibly even longer than those of normal yōkai. Sesshōmaru does not suffer from old age the way humans do. He appears to be 19 despite being over two hundred years old. He can, however, still receive near-fatal injuries as shown when he gets stabbed in the chest by Magatsuhi.
  • Regeneration: During his battle with Magatsuhi, Sesshōmaru's demonstrated the ability to heal the burns and gashes on his right arm, as well as several large holes stabbed right through his body. In the same battle, he was able to restore his left arm, which was cut off by Inuyasha at the beginning of the series. Although, Sesshōmaru regenerates his left arm after several periods of time this is not considered to be the full extent of his regeneration ability. It's regarded that the reason Sesshōmaru took a lengthy amount of time to regrow his left arm was because it was to come with Bakusaiga. Having being dependent on his father's swords it is thought that Sesshōmaru had a psychological barrier preventing him from getting his Bakusaiga and being independent thus averting the restoration of his left arm much sooner. This is supported by the fact that Inuyasha, a half-demon takes a matter of hours to restore a hole in his stomach that was made by Sesshōmaru himself. Sesshōmaru being a powerful daiyōkai would regenerate at a much faster rate. More evidence of this is that Sesshōmaru regains his left arm with his Bakusaiga after he resolves the idea that he doesn't need & won't depend on his father's swords. It is also possible that the regrowth of his arm was due to Bakusaiga manifesting, and not a feat usually possible by his normal regeneration. It is also possible that the wound, made by such a powerful sword, was unable to heal naturally until he overcame its power.
Sesshomaru's Poison Nails

Sesshōmaru using his Dokkasō.

  • Dokkasō (毒華爪, Toxic Luster Claw): Sesshōmaru can release an acidic poison from his claws that can liquify flesh and bone upon contact. Though he normally applies it through his claw strikes, he can also spray the acid from his claws or transfer it into his punches.
  • Mokomoko-sama (モコモコ様, lit. Lord Fluff-Fluff): The fur on Sesshōmaru's shoulder can be extended to great lengths and used to whip, constrict and fling his opponents or carry himself through the air. However, because it is a part of his body, the mokomoko-sama is capable of bleeding and is highly sensitive to pain, to the point that injuring it can render Sesshōmaru temporarily immobilized. There is also the possibility that the blood was from his shoulder underneath, and that the pain was caused by the large wound dealt there.

Anime-Only PowersEdit

Sesshōmaru displayed a few abilities that were exclusive to the anime.

  • Teleportation: In "Showdown: Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru", Sesshōmaru morphed into a ball of energy to escape his father's grave. He later uses this form in Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga to pursue a fleeing Tōtōsai, materializing upon impacting with the ground and producing an explosion.
  • Psionics: In "Showdown: Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru", he was able to levitate and hurl skulls at Inuyasha and Kagome through telekinesis.
  • Poison Whip: Sesshōmaru can generate a thin, whip-like strand of yellow-green energy from his fingertips to aid him in place of his missing arm. It has shown to be able to puncture armor and flesh with ease and can burn flesh upon contact, similar to his poison.
  • Sōryūha (蒼龍破, Pale Dragon Blast; "Dragon Strike" in the English Dub): Only seen in the movies, its strength is comparable, if not greater than Inuyasha's Bakuryūha. As seen in the third movie, he was able to fight and defeat Inuyasha's Backlash Wave. He can also put in the ground to break an enemy's barrier. He is seen using it with both the Tōkijin and Tenseiga in the third movie. In the second episode of InuYasha: The Final Act, Sesshōmaru used the Dragon Strike on Mōryōmaru with the Tōkijin at point blank range and penetrated his armored shell, which was considered to be the strongest shell ever. 



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Sesshomaru & Tenseiga

Sesshōmaru Wields Tenseiga

The Tenseiga is a sword that can revive the dead. It does this by letting Sesshōmaru see the pall-bearer imps that take away the souls of the dead so that he may destroy them with Tenseiga. In extreme cases, the Tenseiga also protects Sesshōmaru from potentially lethal attacks. When in use, the Tenseiga has a blue aura. Later in the manga, the Tenseiga is reforged by Tōtōsai to become a weapon, allowing Sesshōmaru to use the Meidō Zangetsuha. It is later revealed that the ability and the sword itself is merely a cast off of the Tessaiga; his father wanted Sesshōmaru to master the Meidō Zangetsuha. Sesshōmaru becomes quite angered because of this, but eventually Sesshōmaru discards the sword as his father wished, giving the ability back to the Tessaiga and making the Tenseiga only a healing sword once again.[11]


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Sesshomaru Wields Tokijin

Sesshōmaru Wields Tōkijin

Tōkijin was a sword crafted by the evil sword smith Kaijinbō from the fangs of Goshinki as part of Sesshōmaru's continued efforts to obtain Tessaiga or a sword matching it in power. It can fire off extremely powerful blasts of pure evil energy, but because it is filled with Goshinki's malice, only Sesshōmaru can wield it without being controlled by it. Tōkijin can be used to blow back and injure an enemy with a powerful pinkish-purple aura, generated as the manifestation of pure hatred. It can also be used to slash at an opponent either directly or with kenatsu, and, like Tenseiga, can perform Sōryūha; however, being "only an Oni's fang", Tōkijin initially could not withstand repeated uses of Sōryūha the way that Tenseiga could. But later, in the 4th InuYasha movie, Tōkijin seemed capable of being a conduit for the attack with no ensuing refractory period. Later in the manga, Sesshōmaru broke Tōkijin while battling Mōryōmaru, and afterwards abandoned the broken pieces with no further interest in keeping the sword. He instead searched for a replacement, which he found in the Meidō Zangetsuha ability of the Tenseiga.


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Sesshomaru Wielding Bakusaiga

Sesshōmaru wields Bakusaiga

Bakusaiga was Sesshōmaru's signature weapon once he acquired it. The Bakusaiga manifested itself in the hand of Sesshōmaru's fully regenerated, and longtime-severed, left arm during his battle with Magatsuhi. The sword is the polar opposite of the Tenseiga, as it has an immensely strong power with the ability to eradicate and decompose any organic material that its blade comes in contact with, nullifying any regenerative capabilities while doing so. Miroku comments that Naraku would suffer the same affliction should he absorb any demons wounded by Bakusaiga.[12] The blade itself is the manifestation of Sesshōmaru's own poison claws and his true demonic powers and abilities, born from his detachment of Inuyasha's Tessaiga. Its birth signifies Sesshōmaru's graduation into a full-fledged daiyōkai, which was long compromised by his obsession with Tessaiga. Tōtōsai comments that his ability to manifest his own blade suggests his strength and power has far surpassed that of his father's and connotes his growth through the many trials he endured to emerge as a daiyōkai, with the Bakusaiga serving as the product of this 'rite of passage'.

Much like the Tessaiga's Kaze no Kizu attack, the Bakusaiga can also unleash massively strong and powerful amounts of yōki, enough to slay thousands of yōkai with one swing.[13] Though similar, Rumiko Takahashi stated that Bakusaiga's yōki wave attack, which is similar to the Kaze no Kizu, possesses much greater strength and power than a full power blast from Inuyasha's Bakuryūha.


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Sesshomaru Wields Nintojo

Sesshōmaru wields Nintōjō

The Nintōjō was a staff that could locate his father's grave or perhaps Tessaiga itself. It can produce long streams of flame, and generate large floods of water. The staff is usually held by his assistant Jaken. Also, it has been shown that the Staff of Two Heads can be used to summon yōkai. It features an old man's and a woman's head. They can speak when the staff is used. When attempting to find his father's grave, if the woman cried, that meant he had to keep searching. If the old man laughed, that meant he had found the grave.



Inuyasha vs sesshoumaru
Aside from the fact that Sesshōmaru loathed humans and half-demons, Sesshōmaru despised Inuyasha not only because he wields the Tessaiga, is a half-demon and his half-brother, but also because he couldn't stand the fact that his father's demon blood courses through his veins. For almost the first half of the series, Sesshōmaru's hatred for Inuyasha mostly stemmed from his strained relationship with his father, both from the fact that he was given the 'useless' Tenseiga instead of Tessaiga, and because of his failure to understand both of their affinities for humans. After much growth and reflection, Sesshōmaru eventually starts to care for Inuyasha, though he would never admit it. While Sesshōmaru continues to make rude comments towards Inuyasha, their relationship eventually improves, and they appear to look out for each other in battle, as shown when they join forces to battle against Naraku.
Inu no Taishō

His relationship with his father is distant and estranged due to the fact that his father had left his wife (Sesshōmaru's mother) and fallen in love with a mortal woman named Izayoi; who became the mother of his younger half-brother, Inuyasha. In InuYasha: Movie 3, Sesshōmaru only seems to want to gain power, something his father finds disappointing. Inu no Taishō asks him if he has someone to protect. Sesshōmaru knew this was his father's final test for him. He answers "no", finding the idea of protecting someone ridiculous. It seemed at that moment, he was ready to slay his father for not entrusting Tessaiga and Sō'unga to him. At the beginning of the series, Sesshōmaru despised humans and considered them as weak and useless. 200 years later, he would realize that his father's words would echo, because he did have someone to protect: his companions Rin and Jaken (and at times, his younger brother Inuyasha). During his battle against the Sō'unga with Inuyasha, Sesshōmaru is able to release an immense amount of power that along with his brother's attack aids in the destruction of the sword after recalling the numerous times he had protected Rin and Jaken, though he verbally exclaims that he protects no one.

Sesshōmaru's mother

Only shown for a small amount of time, Sesshōmaru's mother's name is never stated. She is a full-yōkai who is devilishly similar to her son - the moon upon their forehead, their attitudes, and how they despise humans. When Sesshōmaru went to visit her, it was to make his power of Meidō Zangetsuha stronger and more mature. She knew he would come to do this seeing he was finally able to unlock the new power, thus stating that in order to do so, the power was to be exchanged with Rin's life. Her attitude changes from generous to irritated when Sesshōmaru ignores her offer to bring him before he was able to save Rin, making it seem she didn't care about him anymore. Even though she ignores the fact that Rin's a human, she still has motherly feelings toward Sesshōmaru. Concerned with her son's sadness, Sesshōmaru's mother resurrected Rin with the Meidō Stone. When Rin is revived, Jaken says she's an honorable mother for doing so. She asks Jaken if he's happy this way, and he says it's most likely extremely so. She later states, "All this fuss over one human girl... He's becoming like his father in the strangest ways," referring to his father's kindness to humans.[14]

Traveling companionsEdit

Sesshomaru and Jaken FA image

Sesshōmaru encountered Jaken when he was passing through a distant land. A large demon was wreaking havoc amongst Jaken and other demons resembling him when Sesshōmaru killed the demon with his mere claws. Despite Jaken's display of immense gratitude, Sesshōmaru claimed he was only passing through. Sesshōmaru walked to a nearby waterfall and pulled out the Staff of Two Heads. He told Jaken that if he was able to wield the weapon, he may follow him. Jaken deeply respects and always praises Sesshōmaru, much to Sesshōmaru's annoyance. At times, he gets too carried away and winds up insulting Sesshōmaru, which usually leads to a couple bumps on the head. Jaken is condescending to all but Sesshōmaru. When Jaken belittles Rin, Sesshōmaru will usually yell at him and tell him to knock it off. Because Jaken is (reluctantly) aware of Sesshōmaru's compassion toward Rin, he knows that he, too, must responsibly protect her or else face the wrath of his master.

Rin and Sesshomaru

Rin is a young orphan who becomes the traveling companion of Sesshōmaru and Jaken. When Sesshōmaru was injured by the Wind Scar after trying to steal the Tessaiga again from Inuyasha, Rin bravely attempted to care for him as he lay near a tree, bringing him water and food. Sesshōmaru initially rejected her kindness, telling her generosity was a waste, as he does not eat human food. She continues to bring him things and he is caught off guard by her smile. After letting his wolf pack hunt, Kōga's wolves killed Rin. Sesshōmaru, recognizing the scent of Rin's blood, stumbled upon her dead body in the forest. He was initially going to ignore her, but the image of her smile flashed in his mind, he unsheathed Tenseiga and it began to pulsate. He then saw the beings of the underworld surround Rin's body and decided to resurrect her with the Tenseiga as a "test". To his surprise, her heart began to beat again and she is revived. From that day forward, she would be by Sesshōmaru's side along with Jaken and a two-headed dragon demon known as A-Un.

Throughout the series, Rin's warmness and kindness play a significant role on Sesshōmaru. His growing compassion for her allows him to advance in battle. He constantly rescues her and looks out for her despite claiming he did not care for her. He often instructs her to stay in a safe place with A-Un when he knows he is going somewhere dangerous. He often avoids killing in front of her, unless it is the only way to protect her. In The Final Act, Sesshōmaru wished to improve his Meidō Zangetsuha technique but it unfortunately came at the cost of Rin's life. He finally felt sorrow from the loss of his beloved companion. Concerned with her son's sadness, Sesshōmaru's mother resurrected Rin with the Meidō Stone.

Following Naraku's defeat and after some input by Kaede, Sesshōmaru agrees that Rin needs to reside in a village to get used to living with humans once again and where she is safe from potential harm. When the time comes, Rin will decide whether to stay in the village or go with Sesshōmaru. He continues to pay her regular visits often bringing presents with him, she is last seen receiving a kimono from him.


Naraku abducted Rin by using Kagura and had Kohaku serve as her guard. After seriously injured by Sesshōmaru and Inuyasha at his castle, Naraku had fled and ordered Kohaku to kill Rin. Mind-controlled, Kohaku was ready to kill Rin but Sesshōmaru arrived at the scene, deciding not to kill Kohaku, knowing that was what Naraku wanted him to do and he does not play by Naraku's rules.

Sesshomaru underworld

After Kikyō died, Kohaku decided to follow Sesshōmaru, who didn't seem to be against the idea, and Sesshōmaru also begins to protect him too. Kohaku forms a great friendship with Rin and protects her in times of trouble. In his battle with Magatsuhi, Kohaku attempts to protect Sesshōmaru. Eventually, Kohaku would part with Sesshōmaru and remain with his sister, Sango, and the rest of Inuyasha's gang prior to the battle with Naraku, where he would then leave with Jaken and Shippō to fight.


A-Un was a two-headed dragon yōkai who traveled by Lord Sesshōmaru's side for a long time. He was Sesshōmaru's first 'traveling companion' and was always loyal to his master. A-Un always cared for and protected Rin whenever Sesshōmaru left his companions for a while.



Naraku has been seen a few times throughout the series trying to use Sesshōmaru to kill Inuyasha for him. The first time was when Naraku offered Sesshōmaru the human arm with the shard of the Shikon Jewel in it, along with the hive of poisonous insects that would block Miroku's wind tunnel. After Sesshōmaru disposed of the sacred jewel shard he confronted Naraku. And at the end of the confrontation Naraku spoke of how he might call on Sesshōmaru again if a chance shall arise to kill Inuyasha. This of course hurt Sesshōmaru's pride, being used by a half demon like Naraku. But Naraku and Sesshōmaru become real enemies when Naraku orders his incarnation Kagura to abduct Rin. He then tells Sesshōmaru that if he heeds his request he shall return Rin in good health. This of course insults Sesshōmaru's pride even further. Sesshōmaru rips off the head of the demon puppet and heads towards Naraku's castle. Naraku and Sesshōmaru start to fight at the castle and Naraku attempts to absorb Sesshōmaru into his body. But his attempt is thwarted by Inuyasha who breaks Sesshōmaru free. Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru then severely injure Naraku and he gets away by using Kohaku and telling Kohaku to kill Rin. Sesshōmaru then rescues Rin and begins to pursue Naraku to get back at him for not only insulting his pride but abducting Rin as well.

Then Sesshōmaru tracks Naraku all the way to Mount Hakurei where they meet moments after Kikyō falls into the river of miasma. Naraku tests his power against Sesshōmaru and retreats. Sesshōmaru then keeps learning more and more about Naraku's heart. He almost destroys Naraku's heart which was hidden inside the infant that was left with Kanna. But Kanna escapes with the infant. The infant then creates itself a shield using parts of different demons and humans. The infant's shield is named Mōryōmaru. After Kagura dies, Sesshōmaru accepts the fighting Tenseiga to destroy Naraku in order to make sure that she hadn't died in vain. Sesshōmaru then obtains Bakusaiga which allows him to help Inuyasha and the others destroy Naraku.

Relationship Sesshomaru and Kagura

At first, Sesshōmaru appeared to be annoyed with Kagura's constant appearances because he felt as though he had no obligation to be "used" to fight Naraku so that she could be free. Eventually, her visits would be useful as she provided him with information on Naraku's whereabouts.

After getting injured by Goryōmaru's light cannons, she falls into a river near Sesshōmaru. Initially, he rejects Jaken and Rin's proposal of helping her but after both of his companions fall into the water in an attempt to save her, he saves all three of them. He stayed with her afterwards and warned her not to do anything that would get her killed. It is hinted that Kagura had romantic feelings for Sesshōmaru, as she landed in the spot that she did to see him "one last time before she died."

When fighting against Mōryōmaru, both he and Sesshōmaru pick up on the scent of Kagura's blood. Mōryōmaru laughs and jokes about how Kagura will have died in vain. This notion angers Sesshōmaru and he breaks Tokijin while attacking Moryoumaru; it also gives him the energy to break free from Mōryōmaru's grasp. After Mōryōmaru flees, Sesshōmaru finds Kagura, who is slowly dying in a field of flowers as a result of Naraku's miasma. Feeling as though it is too good to be true, Kagura asks Sesshōmaru if he thought he would find Naraku there but Sesshōmaru responds that he knew it was Kagura. After hearing this, Kagura was able to die in peace, knowing that in that instant, Sesshōmaru had cared about her well-being. While it is unknown as to whether or not Kagura's feelings for him were unrequited, Sesshōmaru's concern for her after smelling her blood in battle with Mōryōmaru triggered his Tenseiga to become ready to be forged into a weapon. During his battle with Mōryōmaru, he became noticeably angry when Mōryōmaru insulted her memory. Tōtōsai explains that something in Sesshōmaru's heart had changed as he felt the sorrow and anger of losing someone. After learning the Meidō Zangetsuha for the first time, a breeze blows and Sesshōmaru decides that he, Sesshōmaru, will decide whether or not Kagura died in vain.



Bokusenō is the only one of the Inu no Taishō's former friends that actually gets along with Sesshōmaru. Bokusenō is therefore the only one that Sesshōmaru can ask for information about his father's swords, as both Tōtōsai and Myōga are much too afraid to meet with him. Whenever Sesshōmaru encounters Tōtōsai, Sesshōmaru usually ends up threatening his life or attempting to kill him when Tōtōsai refuses to cooperate with him. However, when he is with Bokusenō, Sesshōmaru treats the tree with respect and drops his normal haughty tone with which he usually speaks to people. Bokusenō holds Sesshōmaru's powers in high esteem and agrees with Sesshōmaru when the latter states dismissively that it would be impossible for him to ever to be cornered in a desperate situation. It would appear as if Sesshōmaru meets with Bokusenō frequently, as Tōtōsai deciding to leave the Tenseiga with Bokusenō indicates that he thought that Bokusenō was the surest way to get the sword to Sesshōmaru without actually giving it to him directly, suggesting that Sesshōmaru visits Bokusenō with some frequency. Bokusenō reacts to Sesshōmaru's visits with mirth and is always willing to give him whatever information he requires. Despite the fact that Bokusenō maybe the closest thing Sesshōmaru has to a friend, it may not be that they actually consider each other friends, since Jaken refers to Bokusenō as "your father's friend" rather than "your friend." Nevertheless, Bokusenō seems to be the only demon besides Jaken & A-Un that Sesshōmaru gets along with, as he treats all of his other acquaintances, including his own mother, with disdain.[15][16]

Kagome Higurashi

Because of her affiliation with Inuyasha, and his former hatred for all humans in general, Kagome was generally disliked by Sesshōmaru, but he had a change of heart. While he grow to like her, eventually throughout the series he begins to look out for her; protecting her from enemies, such as Mukotsu and Naraku. Three years after Naraku's defeat, Kagome became his sister-in-law, though he finds the idea somewhat annoying, as seen by his glare when she shouts out "big brother!" to him on his way back from visiting Rin.

Sara Asano
Sara and sesshomaru

After having his left arm severed by Inuyasha as a result of his attempt to claim the Tessaiga for his own, Sesshōmaru sought a place to recover and passed through the Asano Castle (a two episode anime special). The Asano Clan happened to be on the brink of losing to an enemy, however, Sesshōmaru easily cut though the enemy lines with this claws on his way to find refuge. Princess Sara fell in love with Sesshōmaru at first sight when their eyes met as she saw him defeat her clan's enemies. As he rested, Sara hid behind trees and gazed at Sesshōmaru, often listening to his unconscious mutterings about wanting the Tessaiga. Later on, Sara became terminally ill and spent her final days in a convent with nuns after the Asano Castle was burnt down by her own father, who was driven insane after witnessing Sesshōmaru's strength. Like Onigumo, in Sara's final moments, she was visited by demons who explained to her that if she gave them her body, they would help her destroy Inuyasha, whom she had heard outside and recalled Sesshōmaru's previous words about wanting the Tessaiga. She gave into the demons and asked Sesshōmaru that if she were to fulfill his wish, that he would acknowledge her feelings for him. Sesshōmaru told her to do as she pleased. After presenting a stolen Tessaiga to Sesshōmaru, he rejected the stolen sword and revealed that he had no interest in such a thing. The demons then took over Sara's body and aimed to kill Sesshōmaru. Showing compassion, Sesshōmaru destroyed the demons within Sara, allowing her soul to be saved. He placed her flute in her ashes and told her to continue playing her flute in the netherworld.

Relationship Kikyo and Sesshomaru

There is barely any interaction between Kikyō and Sesshōmaru, however in Affections Touching Across Time, they briefly encounter and Sesshōmaru asks her if she loathes Kagome or if she is "testing her". Kikyō responds that she despises all things and living creatures bound to time. Sesshōmaru tells her to do as she sees fit but states that he will be the one to kill Inuyasha. On Mount Hakurei, Kikyō shoots an arrow into the evil form of Suikotsu, saving both his good side and Rin. In the Manga it is even implied that Sesshōmaru is familiar with her scent, because when Kohaku wants to go and make sure that the Kikyō is alright, Sesshōmaru says that it's already too late.


There was barely any interaction between the Dog Demon Lord and the demon slayer, however in episode 20 (FA), Sango was the one to inform Sesshōmaru that Rin was unconscious because of Magatsuhi's poison making him hurry back to Rin's side. Then in episode 23 (FA) during the final battle with Naraku he becomes very angry with her after overhearing how she was willing to kill Rin in order to defeat Naraku and save Miroku in the process. She begs him to wait to kill her until after Naraku has been defeated. It seems that Sesshōmaru was indeed going to tear her apart after the fight, but decided to leave her in peace after seeing her give Rin her gas mask to protect her from the poison and apologizing to her.


It was Kōga's wolves that killed Rin, Sesshōmaru's traveling companion who he brought back to life. There was barely any interaction between Sesshōmaru and Kōga until episode 99, during which they almost fought when Kōga stated that he smelt like his brother, Inuyasha. This made Sesshōmaru mad and, if it hadn't been for the two demons that were about to attack their friends, they would have fought each other. However, upon defeating the two demons, they gained a mutual understanding (it has been stated that the one thing they have in common is that neither of them can stand Inuyasha).

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • The energy whip of light is exclusive to the anime. In most of the scenes where Sesshōmaru uses the whip of light in the anime, in the manga he instead used his Mokomoko.
  • Sesshōmaru's first handful of appearances in the manga have a somewhat childish illustration, and he is shown smiling and mocking his enemies frequently. This part of his personality starts to fade little by little after he has his arm severed by Inuyasha. However, in the Anime he is cold and rarely shows emotion from his very first appearance.


"Let us see what a half-demon like you can do with the purity of the Tessaiga... against the equal purity of Sesshōmaru."
"Certainly these feelings of mercy of yours is not something I inherited from our great and terrible father."
"All that for a memory and a dead mortal girl? If I'd have known that's what it would take for you to fight, I would have killed her sooner."
"Big words, for such small vermin."
"You fool! Don't think that you could ever escape my grasp!"
"What are you smiling about? I simply asked a question. I don't care, I'm just curious."
"I despise the fact that my father's blood flows through your veins, half-breed!"
"Do you dare imply that this useless sword is worthy of me?"
"You should be grateful. You will be destroyed with my Father's fang."
"What, have you altered your combat strategy? Usually you charge at me blindly with great haste."
"I couldn't save her? Tenseiga. I let you die for this thing. Nothing is worth the cost of Rin's life!"
"I have never considered that half-demon my brother!"
"You haven't even released the full power of the Tessaiga. Watch as I, Sesshōmaru, destroy 100 demons with one sweep."
"Do as you see fit. Though I warn you, I shall be the one who destroys Inuyasha."
"She was smiling."
"Going to absorb my demonic power, are you? What a joke. You are too small a vessel to hold a power like mine!"
"Your primitive concoctions are no match for my superior powers."
"I walk the path of supreme conquest, and it is power that will reveal the way for me."
"You were born ignorant, and you live as a miserable half-demon."
"And you call yourself a god? Ridiculous."


  • According to Rumiko Takahashi, Sesshōmaru's name means "killing perfection", though it can also be translated as "the perfect killer/assassin", "circle of destruction" or "complete destruction of life".[citation needed]
  • Sesshōmaru makes an appearance as a concept art in the front pages of Chapter 9, before he was introduced as a character.[17]
  • Sesshōmaru started out as an antagonist, but as the series progressed he became a protagonist and became one of the most important key players in beating Naraku (his Tenseiga being the only thing to be able to kill Magatsuhi and his Bakusaiga for preventing Naraku from regenerating his body).
  • Sesshōmaru's appearance changes as the story progresses. Comparing his first appearance in Chapter 13 with the last in Chapter 558, he appears very young and effeminate in the beginning, but by the end, appears more mature and masculine; the armor and clothes he wears changes slightly overall compared in Chapter 13, page 5 with chapter 468, page 1).
  • His mokomoko-sama grows considerably over the course of the manga, going from a relatively small band of fur to a massive bunch of fur that drags behind him as he walks.
  • Sesshōmaru only transforms into his true appearance three times in the series: Once when fighting Inuyasha over the Tessaiga for the first time,[4] once when greeting his mother,[16] and once when fighting Magatsuhi.[18]
  • Early in the manga he was appearing smiling a lot. But as the manga goes on, he hides his emotions and rarely smiles, becoming more like his character is portrayed in the anime.
  • The pattern on Sesshōmaru's kimono is based upon an actual crest of a samurai clan known as the Azai.
  • In The Holy Pearl, a Chinese live action loosely based on InuYasha, Sesshōmaru is paralleled by a character named Wu Dao.
  • In the Inuyasha profiles book, Sesshōmaru is described as, "Beautifully chilling. The strongest demon in the Warring States era."


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