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Name meaning


Physical information


Flea demon





InuYasha Anime

Episode 65

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Miyoko Asō

English VA

Brian Dobson

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Shōga (生姜, "Ginger") is the old female flea betrothed to Myōga by their parents. Apparently, Shōga chases her unwilling fiance across Japan, determined to put an end to his womanizing ways and force the marriage herself.

Shōga, unlike Myōga, is able to possess both yōkai and humans, forcing them to act in any way she sees fit. Myōga himself can control birds and other small animal, but only to an extent.


In her only appearance, Shōga possessed first Sango, then Miroku, intent on using them to catch Myōga. When Sango attacked Miroku, at first they believed she was sleepwalking, but then realized she was possessed. The group believe it is the influence of a monster centipede, who they slew earlier.

When Inuyasha was possessed, Shōga went after Shippō, on whom Myōga hid. At first Inuyasha started laughing maniacally, then he began hopping like a flea, and then called Myōga's name.

After catching him, Kagome "sat" Inuyasha, bringing him back to his senses. They heard Shōga out, and decide to punish Myōga for his silence by agreeing to force him to a traditional Shintō marriage ceremony.


Myōga is replaced by another flea during marriage ceremony.

When the wedding came around, however, they were all sorely disappointed. Leaving a common flea in his place, Myōga escaped. Hot on his trail, Shōga began her hunt all over again.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Possession: Shōga displays the ability to possess others, she appears to be able to possess demons, humans and half-demons alike. Shōga gains complete control over the being she possesses, controlling both their body and their speech.[1]


  • Shōga bares a resemblance to Cologne from Ranma ½. Both of whom are voiced by Miyoko Asō in the Japanese version of the anime series.


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