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Wolf yōkai



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  • Kai (Older brother)


Manga Debut

Chapter 432

Final Act Anime

Episode 4

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Momoko Saitō

English VA

Madeleine Peters

Shinta (芯太) was a wolf yōkai from the northern tribe, and younger brother to Kai.


When the northern wolf demon tribe fell under attack from a vicious badger demon, only Shinta and Kai were able to survive. Kai was injured while protecting his brother from the demon, prompting the arrival of the badger's master, Byakuya, an incarnation of Naraku. Shinta was taken hostage so that Kai would be forced to take Kōga's jewel shards and use them as ransom payment.

When Kai brought Kōga himself back to Byakuya, Byakuya sent Shinta with a moth demon; it released vast amounts of demonic energy, luring Mōryōmaru to it. Shinta was caught by Mōryōmaru and almost eaten by him; however, Kai and Kōga saved him at the cost of Kai losing the shard Byakaya gave him.

He and his brother attended Kōga's wedding with Ayame.


Being young, Shinta had yet to learn the ways of the wolf demons, acting mostly like a normal scared child. He looked up to his brother, always believing in him.

Physical descriptionEdit

Shinta had short, bluish-black hair and black eyes; his eyes were similar to that of a doll. He wore fur like all wolf demons, but had a hood with the shape of a wolf's ears on it. He tied his fur at the waist with a black belt, just like Kai.

Media appearancesEdit


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