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Violet Garden

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Eye color


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  • Mother (Deceased)





Movie Debut

Fire on the Mystic Island

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Kaori Shimizu

English VA

Aidan Drummon

Shion (紫苑, "Violet Garden") was a hanyō from Hōrai Island. He appears only in the fourth InuYasha movie.


As a young child, Shion survived the Four War Gods attack on the island and received the Mark of the Shitōshin to prevent him from ever escaping. He was destined to be used as fodder for the War Gods' own purposes until Inuyasha's group saved him and the other half-demon children.

During the film, Shion must overcome his fears and he helps significantly by retrieving Kagome's bow and arrows from somewhere deep in the forest. The fireflies of Hōrai Island help him do this, and he overcomes his shyness and proves his worth through this heroic act.

At the end of the film, he sets out with the other remaining half-demon children to live in the outside world.


Shion is probably one of the weakest of the children. He has extremely low self-esteem and is very shy. Asagi yells at him that he kindly "like a man" should behave. This implies probably that he has a rather gentle, peaceable character, or even some "feminine" characteristics.

Physical descriptionEdit

Shion is a dark-skinned, skinny, half-demon child. He has purple hair and what appear to be goat horns, safely letting people assume he is half goat-demon or something of the sort. He has orange-brown eyes that greatly contrast against his dark skin.


Shion wears a gray tunic-like cloth with rope tying around the waist of the outfit. On both shoulders of the tunic are two black stripes side-by-side. He is barefoot like the other half-demon children of the island.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immense Durability: In the fourth film, large parts of Hōrai Island was by Gōra and the true form of Shitōshin be destroyed. However, although several flashes and explosions in the vicinity of the children, these are hardly injured. Also of Ryūra to be thrown through the air and bouncing hard, has barely protested added Shion and the other half-demons.
  • Longevity: Shion has not grown older for fifty years. And it is implied that he has been on Hōrai Island for centuries.

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