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Xx Shishinki




Name meaning

Death God Ghost

Biographical information


Killed by Sesshōmaru's Meidō Zangetsuha



Physical information





Eye color


Hair color

Light violet

Skin color


Skills information





Shishinki's assistant


Manga Debut

Chapter 489

Final Act Anime

Episode 13

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Osamu Sakuta

English VA

David Orth

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Shishinki (死神鬼, "Death God Ghost") was once one of the Inu no Taishō's opponents. He was a powerful Daiyōkai. His powerful Meidō Zangetsuha was taken by their father and turned against the demon, ripping half of his head off. Shishinki hides the missing portion of his head behind a mask, concealing the severe damage inflicted by the Inu no Taishō. Wielding his staff, Shishinki is able to open numerous portals which suck their victims straight to hell itself. It appears that Shishinki's Meidō Zangetsuha is too small to allow him to escape from hell as Sesshōmaru was able to send himself into and out of hell with an incomplete but large Meidō Zangetsuha.


Shishinki is a very cocky opponent. In his encounter with Sesshōmaru, Shishinki takes great pleasure in teasing him about his inability to master the Meidō Zangetsuha and also about the fact, first disclosed by him, that Tenseiga is an imperfect sword - merely a castoff from Tessaiga. The revelation had a great impact on Sesshōmaru. Even Inuyasha and his friends, who joined to watch the fight, agreed that, if true, Shishinki's allegations would suggest great disregard on the part of Sesshōmaru's father towards his elder son.

However, Shishinki's cockiness leads him to underestimate Sesshōmaru. The dog demon is able to replicate his father's disfigurement of Shishinki's face with his mere claws and, in resonance with Inuyasha's Tessaiga, he manages to form a gigantic, full-circled Meidō, to Shishinki's disbelief. Ultimately Shishinki is cast into hell by his own technique.

Physical descriptionEdit


Shishinki's face

Shishinki appears as a young adult male with red eyes that have cat-like slits, elven ears and a pale complexion. His most distinguishing feature is his mask, which covers the missing half of his face after surviving a Meidō Zangetsuha from the Inu no Taishō. His attire consists of a black uniform and hakama with a large tuft of black fur on his right shoulder. Two black tassels extend from his shoulder pauldrons and drape to the ground behind him. The outfit is completed with a set of red armor plating, arm bands with dark markings decorating it, and a gray sash around his waist. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Expert Staff Specialist: Shishinki shows respectable skill in wielding it against Sesshōmaru during close quarter combat and thus was able to fend off the younger dog demon when he got close.
  • Expert Strategist: Shishinki knows when an advantage in battle presents itself where he repeatedly taunted Sesshomaru about how the Inu no Taisho chose to pass Tessaiga to Inuyasha as a sign that he rejects Sesshomaru to psychologically unhinge his opponent. This had work in that Sesshomaru became rather reckless in the battle due to his internal turmoil from his father's intentions that nearly led to his and Inuyasah's deaths were it not for the Tenseiga resonating with Tessaiga to complete his Meido Zangetsuha.
  • Immense Demonic Power: Shishinki is a very powerful Daiyokai as he is the first one to use the Meido Zangetsuha that requires extremely high yoki to use or else the demon is consumed by the jaki of hell involved in its usage. He was able to fight against the Great Dog Demon many years ago and later on nearly killed both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha simultaneously.
  • Immense Endurance: Shishinki is extremely resilient as he survived having half of his upper head taken away by the stolen Meido Zangetsuha cast by the Inu no Taisho many years ago and continued living to this day to exact revenge on his sons.
  • Enhanced Durability: Shishinki is very durable where he recovered in mere moments of Sesshomaru stabbing into the missing part of his head that was taken the Meido Zangetsuha stolen from him by the Inu no Taisho.
  • Enhanced Agility: Shishinki has shown himself to be very fast and agile where he dodges an attack made by Sesshomaru aiming towards the ground he was standing by doing an acrobatic back flip off the ground.

Weapons Edit


Shishinki's staff, about to fire a Meidō

  • Staff: Shishinki wields an iron staff with a gold ring at the tip and a moon at the pommel; it was with this staff that Shishinki used Meidō Zangetsuha.
    • Meidō Zangetsuha: As he was the originator of the Meidō, Shishinki uses the technique with extensive flexibility. While Shishinki's are smaller than the ones Sesshōmaru and Tenseiga produce, they are a complete circle and can fire off multiple ones at a time. He could also cancel Sesshōmaru's incomplete Meidō by summoning one of his own and firing it straight at his.


"I pity you, Sesshōmaru. What your father did was cruel; cruel, you hear?!"


  • Shishinki's name is written with the kanji for "death", "god" and "oni" which is a type of Japanese demon. "Death God" is a fitting name for someone who can send his opponents directly to the netherworld.
  • His mask is similar to that of in The Phantom of the Opera.

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