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Purple Harbor

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Manga Debut

Chapter 214

InuYasha Anime

Episode 73

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Japanese Seiyū

Yuriko Yamaguchi

English VA

Nicole Leroux

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Shizu (紫津, しず, "Purple Harbor") was Shiori's mother.


The village in which Shizu lived was under constant attack from bat demons, until she met Tsukuyomaru, a bat demon and son of Taigokumaru, who asked his father to stop the attacks or he would abandon his duties as guardian of the barrier that protected their tribe. Taigokumaru agreed, and Shizu gave birth to their child Shiori some time later.[1]

During the storyEdit

There was a short period of peace in Shizu's village following this. Unfortunately, due to the ability of making the barrier being passed on to his daughter during her birth, Tsukuyomaru was killed by his own father when found out and the attacks begin again. Taigokumaru made an agreement with the villagers - he will stop the attacks if they hand over his granddaughter, Shiori.[1]

Shizu is torn between letting her daughter go or keeping her in the village, where she receives daily physical and emotional abuse. The villagers, however, eagerly agree to Taigokumaru's demands, and hand over Shiori. It is later revealed that Tsukuyomaru was murdered by his father. Upon hearing this, Shiori thrusts Taigokumaru out of the protective barrier, allowing Inuyasha to destroy him.[2]

The remaining bat demons leave the area, allowing Shizu and her daughter to live in peace, knowing that Tsukuyomaru is watching over them.[2]


Shizu is a very kind but understandably wary person. She loved her husband, Tsukuyomaru, very much and is incredibly caring and protective of their daughter, Shiori. Due to being the wife of a demon and the mother of a hanyō, she has been mistrusted, hated and abused by the people of her village, and as such is very sympathetic towards Inuyasha who developed an empathetic relationship with her and Shiori. Shizu is a very honorable woman, holding her murderous father-in-law, Taigokumaru, to his word and displaying anger and rage towards him for breaking their deal not to attack the villagers in exchange for Shiori. She has a somewhat cynical view of humanity due to the abuse and violence she has experienced at the hands of the people of her village since becoming the wife of demon. But what really defines her is the lengths she is willing to go to to ensure her daughter's happiness and safety.

Physical descriptionEdit

She is a very pretty woman with long shiny black hair and deep brown eyes and a round face. She wears a purple and gray patterned kimono that reaches down to her ankles. She is also barefoot.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • Shizu is not named in the manga.

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