Specters (死人, しびと, "Shibito") are the resurrected dead brought back to life by either magic, sacred jewel shards or other means. Typically specters have bodies made of clay and grave yard soil. They also usually feed off the souls of the dead, though this seems to apply only to those raised by magic such as Kikyō. The only exceptions to this seem to be the Shichinintai and Takemaru, though they were raised up with their own bodies rather than having imitations. An example of other means would be that Jaken, was resurrected by Sesshōmaru's sword, or Rin the second time around by Sesshōmaru's mother's necklace (given to her by her mate Tōga).

Known spectersEdit


  • The term "Specter" is used in the English dub.
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