The Stone Begging Bowl of Buddha (仏の御石の鉢, "Hotoke no oishi no hachi") was Buddha's stone begging bowl. In the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, it was believed to be located in India; however, under the instruction to locate it from Princess Kaguya, Kagura tracked it down to a village in Japan. The bowl signifies the element earth and was represented by the color purple.

Kagura manipulated a swarm of demons to attack the village which and retrieve the bowl, but they were unsuccessful. She later confronted the miko Kikyō, who had visited the village after it was attacked and gained possession of the bowl from a dying young girl. To Kagura's surprise, Kikyō surrendered the bowl without a fight, claiming that she had no need of it.

In truth, Kikyō, for reasons similar to Naraku with the Swallow's Cowrie Shell, wanted to draw out Princess Kaguya. Unlike Naraku's reasoning, Kikyō wanted to draw Kaguya out so that she could be destroyed by the half-demon Inuyasha.[1]


When it was cast into Lake Kawaguchi, Kanna recited these words:

I had hoped to find the gleam of the fallen dew but nothing can I see, why did you go yonder to Mount Ogura?


Oku tsuyu no hikari o dani zo yado samashi, Ogura-yama nite nani motome ken



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