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Name meaning

Winter Storm

Biographical information


Leader of the Panther Devas

Physical information


Panther yōkai



Eye color


Hair color

Light blue

Skin color



Skills information




Sword, Ice Spear



Karan, Shunran, Shūran


Panther King, Panther Tribe


InuYasha Anime

Episode 75

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Yumi Toma

English VA

Alison Matthews

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Tōran (冬嵐, "Winter Storm") is the de facto leader of the Panther Devas, and has the ability to create and control ice. She watches while the Panther King takes the lives of her siblings Shunran, Karan, and Shūran in order to revive himself. She later rescinds her claim for vengeance against Sesshōmaru and his brother when Sesshōmaru uses Tenseiga to revive her slain siblings, returning the Panther clan back to the West.


Many centuries ago, Inuyasha's father battled the Panther King and killed him. The four siblings of the Panther Demon Tribe fought alongside their master in this battle, losing to the Inu no Taishō and his soldiers, Lord Sesshōmaru being among them. After the humiliating defeat, The Panther Demon Tribe swore revenge against the Dog Demons, promising that one day they would repay them for the death of their master. Many years later, about 50 Years before the start of the story when Inuyasha was still bound to the Sacred Tree, The Panther Demon Tribe returned, attempting to regain control of the western lands.[1] However, Lord Sesshōmaru stepped in and defeated them, sending them back to the east with the assistance of some other demons (notably Rōyakan) who felt grateful to Sesshōmaru's Father for defeating the cats the first time.[2] According to Sesshōmaru, the Panther Tribe retreated in defeat even though a large number of Sesshōmaru's perished.

Fifty years later, the Panther Tribe returned for revenge a second time, planning to revive the Panther King with the Shikon no Tama shards. Although he was partially revived, he needed souls and got impatient and took the souls of the four Panther Devas. Although Tōran was able to dodge the attempt, the other three did not and she was left in shock their master did such a thing. When Sesshōmaru used Tenseiga to weaken the Panther King and revive the other three Devas in the process, Tōran decided to take the high road and forget about revenge and return to the west, having been happy her comrades and siblings were back with her and decided they were more important than revenge.

Physical descriptionEdit

Toran has long blue hair. Like the other Panther Devas, she has catlike eyes and pointed ears. She also has a dark blue catlike tail. She wears a darker blue kimono with one sleeve, tied with a white sash and bow.


Tōran is not above mocking her opponents, teasing Sesshōmaru when she notices he is short one arm, "Who could have done such a thing to the mighty Sesshōmaru?" and taunting him about all the soldiers that died under his leadership in the battle 50 years prior. Tōran has a personality very similar to Sesshōmaru; only showing emotion at very rare moments, those emotions, much like Sesshōmaru, usually being arrogance and pride in her own powers.[2]


  • Tōran freezing a river.
  • Tōran's Ice Daggers.
  • Tōran's Ice Lance.
  • Tōran's lance freezes anything nearby when it makes contact with something.
  • Tōran Cold Beam...
  • ...can match Tōkijin in power.

Like all four of the Panther Devas, Tōran's name is a reference to one of the four seasons. Tōran is associated with Winter, and her powers reflect that. She has the ability to manipulate water and ice. When she walks down the river towards Sesshōmaru, ice forms wherever she steps. She can control wind as well, sending blasts of freezing cold air at her opponents. She can also fire daggers of ice at her opponents. Her weapon of choice when she battles appears to be an a spear that resembles an icicle, which freezes anything it comes into contact with.[3]

Another testament to her powers and abilities is that she is able to hold her own against powerful opponents like Sesshōmaru.


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