The Thunder Demon Tribe was a clan of yōkai who used thunder and lightning attacks in battle. The most prominent demons of the clan were the Thunder Brothers, who made their home in the Raimei Valley. After the brothers were slain by Inuyasha, the last surviving member of the tribe was their little sister, Sōten. Sōten attempted to avenge her tribe's honor by challenging Inuyasha's friend Shippō to a duel. After giving her a pack of crayons, Shippō was able to reconcile with Sōten, who gave up her vendetta against him and Inuyasha.


Thunder Demon Tribe
Yōkai Hiten  •  Manten  •  Sōten
Allies Kōryū
Locations Castle of the Thunder Brothers  •  Raimei Valley
Unique Items Raigekijin  •  Thunder Magic

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