Thunder magic (雷獣妖術, らいじゅうげんじゅつ, "Raijū yōjutsu") was a type of mischievous magic used by the Thunder Demon Tribe, similar to fox magic. It features comic enlargement of toys and distracting elements such as laughing acorns. Its offensive capability is minimal, although it can prove quite annoying to any potential foes and confuse them. Unlike fox magic, thunder magic does not, perhaps understandably, include standard fox abilities such as the ability to transform or produce fox fire. While most yōkai in the Thunder Demon Tribe used thunder and lightning attacks, like the Thunder Brothers, some demons were very weak, or young, and so had to rely on deception and comic gags. The only known user of this form of magic was the Thunder Brothers' younger sister, Sōten. Her magic was actually tested against the fox magic of the kitsune Shippō. Based on the results of their battle, it would appear as if both magics are about equal in effectiveness, as neither was able to get the edge on the other, both employing similar techniques to counter the other's.


Thunder Demon Tribe
Yōkai Hiten  •  Manten  •  Sōten
Allies Kōryū
Locations Castle of the Thunder Brothers  •  Raimei Valley
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