Trident of Amakoi

Trident of Amakoi

Amakoi no Hoko



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Trident of Amakoi

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Trident of Amakoi

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Suijin, Daija

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Gold, brown


Manga Debut

Chapter 96

InuYasha Anime

Episode 27

The Trident of Amakoi (あまこいの鉾, "Amakoi no Hoko") is the main weapon of Suijin. The trident is an overwhelmingly powerful weapon with many powers and is a great weapon for a water god. It is so powerful by hitting Tessaiga once it was able to revert it to its sealed form and easily deflected Sango's Hiraikotsu. It could easily cut through flesh and wood. It cannot be used by demons and humans, since it's a holy weapon and only spiritual beings such as Suijin and fake Suijin can use it.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Weather Manipulation: The trident has the ability to control the weather. For example the fake Suijin used it to create rain clouds and conjure up twisters.
  • Water Manipulation: The trident has the ability to control water as the fake Suijin used it to send tidal waves hurling towards the villagers near the lake to force them to make sacrifices. And create a whirlpool to drown Inuyasha in.
  • Foam: The trident could reduce anything to foam just by touching its target.
  • Teleportation: The trident could teleport things. For example, it warped Inuyasha and his friends to the bottom of the lake and then sent Kagome in seconds back to the fake Suijin.
  • Spells: The trident could enchant many things as it turned the fish and lobsters from the lake into warriors and the fake Suijin was transformed into a humanoid form. It also turns Suijin smaller and return her back to her size.