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Princess Tsuyu

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About 17



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Chapter 19

InuYasha Anime

Episode 8

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Ryōka Yuzuki

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Jillian Michaels

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Princess Tsuyu (露姫, "Tsuyu-Hime") was a young, beautiful princess in the Kingdom of Kai who married a lord that was possessed by a toad demon, the Tsukumo no Gama.


During the storyEdit


Tsuyu as she appears in the manga

Rumors abound in the villages that the lord had been possessed, having beautiful young girls delivered to the castle who are never heard from again. While Inuyasha and Kagome arrived at the castle to search for shards, Nobunaga joined them in search of the princess, whom he was in love with. They were shocked to discover that everyone inside was asleep, including the princess, who was awoken by a bite from Myōga.

Princess Tsuyu explained that her husband had changed and had been acting very strangely. The lord arrived with bandages all over his face, but when Inuyasha ripped them off, it was revealed that it was a toad demon in disguise. The demon quickly took the princess to his lair, intending to feed on her, where she saw all the other young women sealed inside frog eggs. Tsuyu was soon encased in an egg herself, but was eventually released by Nobunaga.

Kagome was able to drive the demon out of the lord using fire (a flame and her hairspray) with Inuyasha taking the shard. Tsuyu was grateful the their help, and returned happily to her husband, much to Nobunaga's despair. Nobunaga believes that Tsuyu was his true love, however her true love was her husband.


Tsuyu is shown to be a gentle, kind and loving person, deeply caring for her friends.

Physical descriptionEdit

Tsuyu is a slender, young beautiful girl with long straight black hair which was tied in a loose ponytail and big brown eyes. She wears a colorful kimono that reaches all the way down to the floor. She is always barefoot.


  • Besides Tsuyu and Nobunaga being from the Takeda clan and from their province of Kai, it is never explained or hinted if they are related to Kuranosuke Takeda or to the Takeda castle. The clans normally had many branches but if she and Kuranosuke were from the same branch, they could possibly be brother and sister, regarding their status as a lord and a princess.

Media appearancesEdit



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