Humans and demons live in different worlds.







Name meaning

Clouded view

English TV


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Alive, Traveling around Feudal Japan

  • Monk
    • Leader of his group of Yōkai hunting monks

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Eye color


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His group of Yōkai hunting monks

  • Himself
  • His group of Yōkai hunting monks


InuYasha Anime

Episode 162

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Tetsuo Komura

English VA

John Novak

Ungai (雲涯, "Clouded view") is a monk known by Miroku. Not understanding the relationships between Sesshōmaru and Rin, and Inuyasha and Kagome, Ungai tries to warn Rin about not following Sesshōmaru but she rejected it, for her friendship to Sesshōmaru. He also asks Kagome why she stays by Inuyasha, but dismisses the thought after she fails to reply.

History Edit

Ungai was the leader of a group of Yōkai hunting monks. As he and his men met Inuyasha and his friends, he first showed his disapproval about the fact that Shippō and Kirara were among them. Assured only when Miroku and Sango claimed that the two would never do something evil. He refrained from fighting, but still threatened that they should not get in his way.

Later, he and his men were on the hunt for Ongokuki, a Yōkai who robed children. Among the abducted children was also Rin, who was lured away by the Yōkai from her camp. Ungai and his followers were able to defeat the Yōkai. Then Sesshōmaru appeared, Rin ran to him, but Ungai did not want her near a Yōkai, and prevented her from approaching him. Shortly thereafter, there was a struggle between Ungai's people and Sesshōmaru. Sessehōmaru was able to defeat them fairly easily. Sesshōmaru told Rin that she could decide for herself whether to stay at his side. To Ungai's dismay, Rin decides to follow Sesshōmaru.

When he and his men picked up the reward for the destruction of the Yōkai and saving the children, he met Inuyasha's group again. He noticed Inuyasha next to Kagome and asked her why she was in the company of a Yōkai. She initially did not reply, but he resigned his question, and said that he would rather not want to know the answer.

Personality Edit

According to Miroku, Ungai is merciless against all yōkai.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • As a well known monk who also hunted all kinds of Yōkai he most probably must possess strong spiritual powers and well trained fighting skills however, he didn't show them during his appearance.

Trivia Edit

  • He only appears in Episode 162 of the InuYasha anime thus making him being a Filler Character.
  • When Ungai first meets Inuyasha (during the night of the new moon), he warns him against using his demon sword. Despite their animosity for each other, they both share the belief that humans should not be in possession of demon weapons. This is due to Inuyasha having witnessed the power of demonic weapons in the hands of humans and demons alike, and Ungai being prejudiced against all things demonic on principle, believing such things should be eradicated.
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