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InuYasha Anime

Episode 97

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Hikaru Hanada

The Ape yōkai (ひひの妖怪) was an minor character in the InuYasha anime. He is a devil of the forest who devoteD himself to eating humans and demons smaller than himself.


Inuyasha and the others were searching for Kirara through the forest. Inuyasha tried to find her with his nose, but were unsucessful in locating her. They resign themselves to the disappearance of Kirara when they felt a noise coming from the forest, Inuyasha felt the smell of the Kirara before the ape approached them. It was able to dodge all their attacks by evading them between the branches. They saw the remains of a demon near the ape, and believed that the ape ate Kirara. Sango became furious, and threw her Hiraikotsu at the demon and bounces him from the branches. The demon, while falling, told her that it would not be enough to kill him and the Hiraikotsu returns and hits him, destroying him completely.

Physical descriptionEdit

This yōkai had the appearance of giant monkey with green fur with sharp teeth.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He had incredible speed. He was very agile and could easily leap from tree to tree. He could use his fur as a weapon by throwing them like sharp needles.

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