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Ape yōkai


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Killed by Sango's Hiraikotsu



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Ape yōkai



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InuYasha Anime

Episode 97

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Japanese Seiyū

Hikaru Hanada

The Ape yōkai (ひひの妖怪, "Hihi no yōkai") was an minor character in the InuYasha anime. He resided of the forest and devoted himself to eating humans and yōkai smaller than himself.


Inuyasha and the others were searching for Kirara through the forest. Inuyasha tried to find her with his nose, but was unsuccessful in locating her. They resign themselves to the disappearance of Kirara when they felt a rumble coming from the forest. The yōkai was pursing a human traveller. The yōkai was prepared to eat him when Inuyasha arrived in time under the impression that he would find Kirara. He attacked Inuyasha from the tree he was perched on, but he was able to dodge it. He landed in front of the traveller and told him tor run away. He attacked Inuyasha again for letting they human escape him, but he dodged it again. Kagome and the others arrived. They asked Inuyasha where Kirara was, but she was not there. Then soon noticed a scarf that Kirara had been wearing was on the ground near the yōkai. They then saw the bones of a yōkai near the ape, and believed that the ape ate Kirara. They asked the yōkai if he had eaten Kirara, but he claimed that did not remember those he had eaten. He promised that they would join their friend after he had eaten them. It then launched its fur at them like a bunch of needles, by they dodged it. The yōkai was able to dodge all their attacks by evading them through the tree tops. Sango became furious, and threw her Hiraikotsu at the yōkai and bounced him from the branches. The yōkai, while falling, told her that it would not be enough to kill him and the Hiraikotsu returned and hit him, destroying him completely.

Physical descriptionEdit

This yōkai has the appearance of giant monkey with green fur with sharp teeth. One of his most noticeable features is its giant eye.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He has incredible speed. He is very agile and can easily leap from tree to tree. He can use his fur as a weapon by throwing it like sharp needles.


  • His appearance is similar to the giant ape that the three servants of the Monkey God (Gon, Bun, and Ken) transform into to scare Inuyasha in Episode 88. The only difference is that he has green fur while the ape that the three monkeys transform into has brown fur.