Unnamed mantis yōkai

Mantis Demon


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Killed by Miroku's Kazaana



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Mantis Yōkai





Manga Debut

Chapter 101

InuYasha Anime

Episode 28

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Izumi Ōgami

English VA

Cathy Weseluck

This Unnamed mantis yōkai (妖怪蟷螂, "Ookamakari") was a mantis yōkai that was disguised as a beautiful young woman.


Mantis Woman

The mantis demon disguised as a woman.

Inuyasha and his friends were preparing to slay a yōkai in a village with Sango leading the group. Miroku suddenly noticed a beautiful woman amongst the crowd of spectators. He decided to pursue her as she was leaving. As they two of them made their way outside of the village, she told Miroku that she was a princess from a prominent clan that had been decimated by war. She was the last survivor who now wished to give birth to the child of s strong lord and sought out Miroku for this. As she began to hug Miroku, two large mantis arms emerged from her back. Miroku realized with self-pity that her story was too good to be true. He struck the woman's face with his staff. The woman tried to strike Miroku with her mantis arm before revealing her true form. She explained that she devoured the innards of the real princess. She continued to attack Miroku. he was able to dodge the attacks and leaped over her until he was behind her. He then used his Wind Tunnel to suck the mantis in. He was successful, but her mantis claws "nicked" the sides of the Wind Tunnel.

It was later revealed that it was all a trap set up by Naraku to separate Miroku from the group and kill him.

Manga vs. AnimeEdit

  • In the manga, Miroku does not leap over the mantis before sucking her up with his Kazaana.
  • In both the manga and anime, there are two mantis yōkai among the army of yōkai that attacks Miroku after he retreats to Mushin's temple. In the manga, it is revealed that they are the siblings of the female mantis yōkai, and they want revenge on Miroku. In the anime, they do not state that they are related to the mantis that Miroku killed before.


  • The mantis demon disguised herself as a beautiful princess by devouring the real princess's insides and wearing her skin. This is similar to what the alien bug does to the farmer Edgar in the film, Men in Black.
  • Her seiyū, Izumi Ōgami, also provided the voice for Kagura.


  1. Revealed in the manga only