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Utsugi (ウツギ) is a Hitogata, an enchanted clay doll that was granted life by the priest/priestess Kakuju and the Shikigami after Kakuju's original lover, Utsugi, died.


Many attempts were made to breathe life into a doll before the final version of Utsugi succeeded, and the imperfect Utsugi-hitogata were discarded in the valley below Kakuju's village. Kakuju mystically sealed the valley and isolated the village to prevent these wandering, imperfect dolls to escape and harm anyone. Eager to become truly human and please Kakuju, Utsugi joined up with Naraku and his incarnations in order to summon Kururugi to the past. Because Kururugi was a descendant of the original Utsugi and gifted with the power of shikigami, Utsugi planned to absorb his/her soul and become human.

However, things do not go as planned, one by one all of Utsugi's allies fell either by Inuyasha's group or by Naraku himself. Once Naraku had been slain, Utsugi took his/her Shikon Jewel shard and waited in Kururugi Village for the player. However, upon trying to take their soul, Utsugi ends up with Kakuju's via a mystical amulet. To make things worse, the jewel shard turned black and merged into his/her body, which lead to Naraku possessing and reshaping his/her body to gain Shikigami power. However, Utsugi broke his personal barrier, allowing Inuyasha and the others to kill him. With his dying breath Utsugi apologizes for his/her deeds and asks to be buried in the cemetery.

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