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Wolf demon graveyard protector

Normal Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen 002-174

Mitsukubi no ōkami



Biographical information


Killed By Kōga




Protector of the graveyard and Goraishi

Physical information






Manga Debut

Chapter 380

Final Act Anime

Episode 2

Voice Actors

Japanese Seiyū

Taira Kikumoto

English VA

Michael Adamthwaite

The Wolf demon graveyard protector was the protector of the wolf demon tribe graveyard along with the Goraishi. When Kōga came to acquire the Goraishi, they fought, and the protector quickly gained the upper hand on Kōga. It was not until Kōga risked his life to save his companions from the protector's fire attack, (and thus chose saving his comrades over possessing the Goraishi), that the spirits recognized Kōga was worthy of the Goraishi and it materialized on to his arm. With it he killed the graveyard protector in one strike.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Normal Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen 002-185

Fire breathing ability.

  • Fire breathing: The wolf demon graveyard protector showed the ability to breath fire from all three of its heads.
  • Regeneration: He also had the ability to regenerate from most attacks.

Yōkai Wolf Tribes
East Ginta  •  Hakkaku  •  Kōga
North Ayame  •  Kai  •  Shinta  •  Rōyō  •  Wolf elder  •  Wolf demon graveyard protector
Unique Places Lair of the Demon Wolf Tribe  •  Wolf demon tribe graveyard
Unique Items Goraishi
Enemies Birds of Paradise  •  Naraku

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