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The Wolf demon tribe graveyard (妖狼族の墓場) was the territory of the wolf demon tribe where they lay their ancestors to rest. It houses the Goraishi an extremely powerful weapon.

Normal Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen 002-169

The Gorashi.

Kōga went to the graveyard in order to obtain the Goraishi to aid his quest in slaying Naraku. It is protected by the wolf demon graveyard protector.


Wolf demon ancestors.

The place is considered sacred grounds among the wolf demons. Outsiders were forbidden to enter the graveyard.[1]


  1. InuYasha manga; Chapter 380

Yōkai Wolf Tribes
East Ginta  •  Hakkaku  •  Kōga
North Ayame  •  Kai  •  Shinta  •  Rōyō  •  Wolf elder  •  Wolf demon graveyard protector
Unique Places Lair of the Demon Wolf Tribe  •  Wolf demon tribe graveyard
Unique Items Goraishi
Enemies Birds of Paradise  •  Naraku

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