Yōkai taijiya village


Yōkai Taijiya no sato



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Demon Slayers' village

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Feudal Japan


Yōkai taijiya

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The Yōkai taijiya village (妖怪退治屋の郷) was the home of Sango and Kohaku; the residents of the village were Demon Slayers and they were all killed by Naraku's demons, which left Sango and Kohaku as the last slayers. The village itself has been abandoned since then.


  1. In the anime only


Yōkai taijiya
Taijiya Kirara  •  Kohaku  •  Sango  •  Sango and Kohaku's father  •  Shako
Places Yōkai taijiya village  •  Midoriko's cave
Unique Items Hiraikotsu  •  Shikon no Tama

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